YES, $100 Checks can be found in your Valpak Blue Envelope!

$100 checks randomly placed Valpak envelopes EVERY month and delivered in Hampton Roads. No strings attached, just $100 for consumers to use as they wish. The checks are made out to “Cash.” No purchase is necessary.

It’s all designed to reward Valpak consumers for opening their Blue Envelope of savings and looking through the offers. Check out these testimonials from past lucky winners of $100 checks.

“I treated my family to dinner using the $100 and a Valpak coupon!”
~Sharon S. of Houston, Texas.

Valpak celebrates its 50th year in business in 2018. Its $100 Instant Win program isn’t new. The company has actually been doing it since 1988, but mostly in select markets. Never has the program been offered in all Valpak markets – all at the same time.

*Valpak will not be capturing any personal info from the winners nor will they be solicited or contacted by Valpak or its advertisers.