Valpak Marketing Solutions Reach over 470,000 households in hampton roads

DIRECT MAIL SOLUTIONS: Reaching over 470,000 Households in Hampton Roads area of Virginia

Valpak of Southern Virginia is at the heart of communities across the Hampton Roads area, helping people save, businesses grow and neighborhoods thrive. With our focus on local marketing, we’re able to drive revenue to medium and small businesses in your communities.

Our Valpak of Southern Virginia marketing consultants live and work in your neighborhood, and we can help you take the guesswork out of advertising with real-world marketing solutions that drive measurable results.

With a set of services that combines direct mail solutions, digital marketing, web design and the ability to follow every campaign with key performance indicators to prove Return On Investment - ROI, you’ve captured a marketing trifecta with the Valpak suite of products.

Explore each one of our products and allow our local experts to help determine the right marketing strategy for your business.

Let us introduce you to the neighborhood.

Direct Mail Marketing Options

Valpak Direct Mail Insert:
   •   One 4-Color glossy advertisements in multiple sizes: designed, printed, and inserted in the Valpak Blue Envelope.
   •   Mailed to the quantity of households in your market area selected.

Valpak Essential Digital:
   •   One Call Tracking Number
   •   One Search Engine Optimized Microsite
   •   One Landing Page
   •   Content syndicated to Partner Sites.
   •   Presence in Valpak Mobile App
   •   Links to Social Media and Website

Multi-Source Tracking (Pak-Trak):
 Reports will include Call Performance, Valpak Digital Actions, Landing Page visits and form fills. We are running several promotions designed to kick-start your campaign with several low-cost mailing zones.

Cardstock Solutions
Stand out from the traditional coupons with cardstock solutions. Available in mini, standard and oversize versions.

Coupon booklets
Coupon booklets are ideal for featuring multiple offers and/or products and services, such as quick-serve restaurants and retail stores. 

Special Event Circulars
Do you have a Special Event looking for more advertising impact? Then our Circulars product is perfect for you! Expand your reach with 8-pg, 12-pg and 16-pg options available to showcase either your products or several advertisers for your event! - click here for more Circulars info

Imprinting (sequential numbering)
Imprinting is the process of inkjetting a human readable code, or a barcode onto our single-panel cardstock products. We can imprint a sequential, random or unique alpha-numeric code. (advertiser supplied or Valpak generated).

Loyalty cards
Loyalty cards foster business loyalty by offering free rewards to consumers for repeat transactions with a business. These cards are similar in shape and size to credit cards, so they easily fits in wallets.

Menus & Multi-Panel Flyers
Flyers have the extra image area that are perfect for your restaurant menus. Or you can showcase multiple products, services or locations. Consumers keep flyers with menus or multiple offers longer.

Multiple Impressions
Multiple impressions help advertisers improve their return on investment by using multiple single-panel inserts in the same Job/NTA.

Selective Targeting
Test multiple offers, associate responses by address and target specific households with our new Selective Targeting capabilities. Up to 3 offers can be mailed in the same NTA.”

Solo Values (custom direct mail)
Solo Values are custom direct-mail pieces tailored to specific advertiser needs. This turn-key direct-mail program lets you mail beyond the Valpak envelope.

On-Pak (on the envelope)
Prime position on the Blue Envelope along with a call-to-action to open for a special offer inside. A well-known and highly sought-after local brand will potentially lift consumer perception of the Valpak brand overall and raise visibility of your product or service. On-Pak is available with a minimum ad buy of only 6 NTAs.  A 6-week lead time required to start and limited availability.