Get the scoop Small Business Marketing Statistics Guide

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The intent of this GUIDE is to help you make your advertising more effective by building your plan on a solid foundation of marketing statistics.

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Discover how different marketing channels and approaches performed, how consumers responded and which channels might be best for your business going forward. Insights include:

  • The top small business marketing statistics for 2019

  • How each marketing channel is performing

  • How to select the right channels for your business

  • Are you reaching your Buyer Persona’s channel?

See if you are using the most-effective Marketing Campaign and how each Marketing Channel stands out with each other.

  • Direct Mail Marketing

  • Coupon Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO

  • Search Engine Marketing - SEM

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Performance Tracking & Analytics

  • Call Tracking

  • Loyalty Programs

  • SMS Text Marketing

  • Radio Advertising

  • TV Advertising

  • Blogs & Content Marketing

  • Video Marketing